Top 10 Ways to build optin email lists (2022 new methods)

If you’re doing marketing, you’re likely to do it via email, mainly because it’s incredibly effective. Statistics show that email marketing makes about $44 for every $1 you spend on it, and that’s something to consider.

At the heart of every email marketing campaign is an email marketing list. In fact, to distribute your crafted content smartly, you need the list of email addresses to send your messages to. Here comes the million dollar question: how are email addresses collected? And how do you keep your email list up to date, since without it you will lose about 22% of contacts with each passing year?

In fact, some of your subscribers opt out, some change jobs, disable their corporate emails, and some change email providers. In other words, you must continually collect emails and grow your email list to maintain the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. But how can you do it?
Inbound Email Address Collection Best Practices

Certain inbound practices can be used to grow an email list, and I’ve selected the ten most effective ones to share with you today.

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1 Create lead magnets

Accept the fact that no one is going to give you their email address just because. People are quite protective of their email addresses, and you need to provide them with a valid reason to share them with you. That’s what lead magnets are for.

A lead magnet is an incentive that you offer to prospective customers in exchange for their contact details, primarily email addresses. To create a lead magnet, you need to think of something of some value to your visitors that can persuade them to share your emails.

What are the most effective lead magnets?

If you're in retail, you can offer a discount on the customer's first purchase after they sign up. Alternatively, you can consider free shipping.
If your business is research or analysis, your lead magnet can be a full text of your reports that you offer to your registered users for download.
Diet and fitness companies often offer exercise or meal plans that will be delivered via email.

Well, you get the idea. However, there are certain rules that you need to follow when creating your lead magnets and making them work for you. To be truly effective, your offer must be:

Provide real value that the customer can see immediately.
Instant. You must deliver the incentive at the time your visitor signs up.
Clear and specific. Always state your offer in very specific terms, so the customer can see the benefits.
A solution to a real problem.

2 Encourage sharing and forwarding of your emails

You can use your existing subscribers to help you grow your email list. Include a “Forward to a Friend” button in your emails and your customers will start bringing you leads. Of course, the emails are worth sharing:

Limited Time Offers
Confirmation emails sent after an order
Welcome emails to new members

This tactic increases trust towards your brand. When people receive your email not directly from your company, but from someone they know, they feel more confident about your product.

Alternatively, you can solicit referrals from your customers by offering some benefits both for them and for the friends they refer you to.
Another helpful tip is to format your corporate email signatures to include subscription links. This way, when your employee emails are forwarded, recipients will have the opportunity to subscribe to your content by providing their email addresses.

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3 Include CTAs on every relevant blog post

One more way to grow your email list is through your blog. A blog post is a great resource for multiple calls to action (CTAs), so why not make “Subscribe” one of them?

People who visit your blog and are engaged enough to read the posts may want to follow your content in the future. Give them this opportunity with a “Subscribe” link or button at the bottom of each post.

A good practice is to target calls to action based on your reader’s status regarding your business. It won’t make sense to offer a subscription to people who have already subscribed, right?

However, for first-time visitors, offer the option to subscribe to your blog for other interesting and useful content. Try not to be too intrusive though, order only what you need. If you need email addresses, ask for email addresses, nothing more.

And one more thing: In order for visitors to want to subscribe, you have to have really great content in there.
4 Give extra content on your blog

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The type of content that we are going to discuss now is also called “private content”. It is the content that is only available after subscription. The website visitor is asked to fill out a subscription form (most of the time, it contains only one field: Email) that allows him to view, play or download additional content.

Don’t be shy about using gated content: According to statistics, 80% of all B2B content volume is gated. You’ve probably seen signup forms pop up every time you wanted to see a product demo or report. That’s closed content for you.
Of course, for your visitors to want to sign up, you need to present an engaging introduction to what they can expect after they sign up. Write a short summary highlighting the key points of your content and place it on your website along with a signup form.

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What can you offer as private content? Quite:

product demos
Any other engaging content you produce.

5 Request an email with the help of live chat

A live chat with a client is also a great opportunity to grow your collection of email addresses. It is good practice to make chat available without registration; however, you can ask for customer details during the conversation.

6 Use popups with exit intent

Exit intent popups are a great way to increase conversions. Statistically, 10-15% of abandoning visitors can be converted with an exit intent popup.

What is an exit intent popup? I’m sure you’ve seen it thousands of times. It’s that light box that appears on the screen when you move your mouse to close the website. The technology behind it detects the movement of the mouse and shows the popup at this moment.

Depending on the page the visitor has been browsing, you can display different content in the popup: a discount offer, a special offer, but mainly, it is a call to subscribe to receive additional content. It can be an ebook, a checklist, a tutorial, a newsletter – choose the content that best suits your business. Of course, include the email field to send the content to the customer and at the same time grow your email list.

7 Ask partners for help

Co-marketing partnerships are a very effective method of growing your customer base and of course your email list. In a partnership, you can reach your partner’s customers and vice versa.

What forms can these associations take?

Guest post. You can use your partner's resources to publish your content and increase your reach and brand awareness. Plus, with a clever call-to-action at the end of your post, you can invite readers to subscribe to your blog for other interesting content.
Being in a similar business, you and your partner may run a joint promotional event (webinar, competition, giveaway) where you can combine efforts to offer attractive prizes or educational materials.
Appears in your partner's newsletter. This is a way to communicate with your email list.

Of course, such an association is a two-way street. Make sure you can offer equivalent benefits to your partner in exchange for exposure to your customer base. For example, if you’re still building your email list but have a powerful presence on Twitter, you can partner with a company that runs large email marketing campaigns while still being able to introduce your partner to your Twitter audience.

8 Call to action in blog

While the author bio is the last thing your reader finds in your guest post, it should be one of your focal points. The main purpose of your bio is not to tell readers about you. Rather, it is a springboard to your website, social media page, or other business resources.

What are the components of a biography that converts?

Excellent and engaging guest post content. You need to grab your reader's attention and hold it until the end.
Concise biography with your photo. Readers trust authors more with whom they can meet more "face to face".
CTA. Offer the reader to subscribe to your blog or download other quality content if you have it.

9 Promote content on social networks

If you have a significant social media presence, you can leverage it to grow your collection of email addresses. For example, you can run a campaign on Twitter or Facebook, offering to download their quality content.

What can you promote? Usually the same content you offer for subscription elsewhere:

product demos
video tutorials
Other content your business produces

Alternatively, you can run contests among your social media followers, offering a free gift in exchange for an email address. And definitely include social sharing buttons where appropriate — in your customer emails, welcome messages, thank you messages — so they too can share their experience of your brand with their friends and followers.

10 sign up forms in fb page

As of December 2019, the number of monthly active Facebook users exceeded 2.5 billion. Today, a presence on Facebook is a must for any marketing campaign. Any business worth its salt should have a Facebook account, so why not use it to grow and maintain your email list too?

Even if they are not your followers or users, people will come across your Facebook page in their browsing. Some may come to you on the recommendation of a friend, some may search for their friends’ likes, and others may find you while searching for a similar product or service. It’s your job to engage them enough that they look no further.

Make sure your Facebook page is up to date and that you post regularly, letting your followers know about company news, new products and special offers. Of course, try not to be “strictly commercial” and post fun facts, vacation wishes, and any other entertainment content that is relevant to your line of service.

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