How to send emails to email address list(19 awesome tips)

Why email marketing?

Email marketing is still the number 1 marketing medium for increasing conversions and sales in the company. Why? For every euro that companies invest in newsletter marketing, they can expect an average return of 38 euros! How can you get started profitably with cost-efficient email marketing? You’ll find out in the following email marketing tips.

Email Marketing. This means sending e-mails to potential or current customers. In principle, this is the digital form of direct marketing. In this article we explain why email marketing is essential and give you useful tips for executing your strategy.
5 facts why email marketing is essential

E-mail marketing has been one of the most successful communication channels for years. The rumor that e-mails are being pushed out by the increasing popularity of social networks persists. Before you get the 19 email marketing tips, make sure you read these 5 facts that every business should know.

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Fact 1: Utilization by email users continues to increase

In 2019 there were 3.9 billion email users worldwide. This number is forecast to increase to 4.3 billion users by 2023. That’s half of the world’s population. These numbers make it clear that email marketing is an opportunity that marketers shouldn’t miss.
Fact 2: Mail marketing fuels the growth of a business

Around 81% of small and medium-sized businesses continue to rely on email marketing for customer retention and acquisition. Despite new marketing trends via social media, it is becoming clear that email marketing is no less valuable. When it comes to growth , direct impact and reach, email marketing has no competition.

Fact 3: Customers enjoy brand contact

A survey of the desired frequency of emails from their favorite brands revealed the following results: 49% of respondents say they like receiving promotional emails on a weekly basis. The relevant audience likes to hear from companies and is happy to be contacted via e-mail.
Fact 4: Billions of emails are sent every day

In the last year alone, 293.6 billion emails were sent and received every day. That’s an amazing amount. In addition, this number is expected to increase to over 347.3 billion daily emails in 2022. This makes it clear that e-mail marketing is far from being outdated. On the contrary: the potential continues to grow.

Email marketing still has the highest conversion rates and is still considered the most lucrative bonanza for marketers today. Assuming you do it right, of course. To ensure that your newsletter is not immediately deleted or unsubscribed, there are a few important points to consider when creating it. That’s why we’ve put together 19 helpful tips for you today, with which you can create a successful newsletter and increase your opening rate. First, however, we will present you with some exciting facts about email marketing so that you can see how immensely important email marketing still is today.

Fact 5: Email marketing is booming for the clothing & jewelry industry

This fact is also an important email marketing tip for all companies active in the clothing and jewelry industry. Because marketers in this industry send around 31 mailings per month to their customers. And is thus at the top of the industry comparison. This tactic appears to be profitable in these industries.
19 tips for successful email marketing

Now that the importance of e-mail marketing for entrepreneurs is clear, it is a matter of successful implementation. In the following you will get 19 tips for email marketing newsletters that will convince your customers.

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1.Describe the content of your email in the subject line

The subject line is considered the most important tool in email marketing. That’s why this tip is also listed as the first of the 19 email marketing tips. The subject line ultimately decides whether the recipient opens an e-mail, classifies it as spam or forwards it straight to the trash. The subject line must therefore be formulated so well that the recipient is encouraged to open the mailing. A good subject is therefore essential for successful email marketing. You should therefore pay attention to the following points when designing your subject line . Buy email address list USA and worldwide

To prevent your newsletters from ending up in the trash, you should make sure that you formulate your content clearly in the subject line. This is the only way for your readers to determine whether they are interested in the content of your email. Vague subject lines reduce email open rates because we just get too many of them these days. Sorting out e-mails therefore only takes a few seconds. Seconds that decide whether your newsletter will be read or whether it was completely free.

Discount codes and vouchers (15% off shoes), a time limit, notifications that something is new, tips and top lists have a positive impact on the email open rate. If you are working with a time constraint, you should rely on exact dates rather than days of the week, because then everyone knows exactly until which day the offer is still valid and there are no misunderstandings. Words like “free” or “free” should be avoided in any case, as they are very often classified as spam .

2.Keep the subject line short and creative

Since most e-mail programs truncate the subject line after a certain length, it should be kept as short as possible. Mobile email apps can display even fewer characters than desktop. However, studies have come to different and hotly debated results when answering the question of the perfect number of characters in the subject line. Some found that the perfect subject line should be no more than 10 characters, while others put it at 28-39 characters. Overall, however, the majority agree that the subject should be between 40 and 50 characters including spaces.

You should also use an unusual and creative subject line. You need something that piques the curiosity of your recipients and encourages them to open your email. Try different titles in your newsletter to find out which resonates best with your target audience. Above all, it makes sense to test different subject lines for one and the same newsletter (keyword: split test! ). You can then measure the success based on the opening rate. In the tool of your choice you will find various evaluation options.

3.Place the most important keywords at the beginning

Another of the many email marketing tips is as follows: Decide on the most important keywords for your subject line and try to place them at the beginning. This is the only way you can guarantee that the respective keywords will not be cut off due to lack of space.

4.Refrain from naming the sender in the subject line

As already mentioned, the subject line should be as short as possible. It is precious and should be used wisely. Since the sender information is displayed to the recipient by most email clients or web mail providers anyway, it is unnecessary and a waste of space to squeeze this information into the subject line. Better save this space for useful information about the content of your newsletter.

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5.Take advantage of the email list recipient’s location

Most people are more interested in what is happening in their immediate vicinity than what is happening on the other side of the world. What is happening in their immediate vicinity could have an impact on them. For this reason, including your place of residence in the subject line has a positive effect on the opening rate of an email. Buy email address list of various countries, industries and niches

6. If possible, avoid special characters in the subject line

When using special characters, display errors can occur with various mail clients and web mail services. This is because they may not display characters such as hearts, stars, or crosses correctly. Display errors in e-mails can quickly destroy the recipient’s professional impression of the company. In order to ensure that all content is displayed correctly, special characters should be avoided for either of these reasons. Or you can check the newsletter before sending it down to the smallest detail for display errors in various e-mail programs.

7.Personal address to email contacts list

If you know the name of your e-mail recipient, you should avoid salutations such as “Dear Sir or Madam” if possible. These appear very impersonal and the individual recipient does not really feel addressed. There is a high probability that this will result in the reader not opening the e-mail at all the next time. If you do not yet know the name of your email recipient, it is usually very easy to find out their name from the email address. You should definitely take this note from the 19 email marketing tips into account.

8. Personalized Sender for your email address list

Customers usually long for a direct contact person whom they can contact directly if they have problems or requests. You should therefore enter a person’s address as the sender of your e-mail and not the company’s office address. The customer knows immediately who he can turn to with important questions and a lasting relationship with the customer is established. And customer retention is the be-all and end-all of email marketing. That’s why this note is an integral part of email marketing tips.

9. Deliver relevant content & use an appealing design

You should always be able to offer your readers added value with your newsletter, because the same applies here: content is king . Avoid lengthy self-promotion and instead focus on the problems and interests of your target group. Think about what content can be useful to your target audience. Your newsletter should consist of 90% relevant and helpful information and only 10% promotion for your own company.

However, make sure that you do not reveal all the important information in your newsletter. It should only be a foretaste of your content and should be kept as short and sweet as possible. Don’t overwhelm your readers with information and let them decide what content interests them. More content can be offered to readers by including links to other websites or to other blog posts in the newsletter. Arouse the curiosity of your customers with the newsletter and encourage them to click.

The content of your newsletter is clearly in the foreground. Therefore, it is one of the most important email marketing tips to do successful email marketing. However, you should also pay attention to a successful optical design. Try to choose a clear structure and use images to make your text more visually appealing. However, focus on the essentials and do not use too many pictures. It gets overloaded very quickly. Also, work with colored highlights and highlighted buttons, which can help encourage your customers to click and thus increase your click-through rate.

10. Send emails at the right time

Sending emails at the right time is easier said than done. This is confirmed, among other things, by the study results from Inxmail. There are various studies that deal with the perfect timing for newsletters. The results show that special events such as public holidays are responsible for the increase in mailings. So there is an increasing trend towards the end of the year when it comes to the pre-Christmas period.

According to the study results from Inxmail , Thursday is also the most popular mailing day (19.1 percent). If you only look at the B2B industry, it is almost a quarter.

Also exciting is the time when most shipments take place. Based on the results of the Inxmail survey, the most popular time is between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. About a third of those surveyed stated that they sent the most frequent mailings during this period.

It should be noted with these key figures that there is always a different study and different results for each shipping time. For this reason, the question of the perfect time to send emails cannot be answered so spontaneously, as it depends on your target group. The perfect time to send out your emails is when the majority of your customers are online. So the easiest way to figure out your perfect timing is to test it out. Testing is a core element that you will find in almost all of the email marketing tips above.

11. Giving away templates, tools or e-books

As they say? – You don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Almost everyone is happy to get something for free. And be it just a sample or a giveaway. This human characteristic can also be used wonderfully for mailings and is therefore one of the valuable e-mail marketing tips. By announcing that templates, tools or e-books are being given away, the click rate is increased enormously. Now, if you manage to get your subject line convincing, your email should almost certainly be opened.

12. Optimize your emails for mobile devices

Due to a steady increase in smartphone and tablet users, the number of e-mails opened on mobile devices while on the move is also increasing. The number of smartphone users varies by age, but the current average is around 86 percent . For tablet users, the number is currently 58 percent . As soon as a newsletter that is not optimized for mobile devices is opened on a smartphone, error-free display is usually not guaranteed. Poor readability, truncated text, distorted or unopenable images mostly result from downscaled images and text.

About a third of the emails sent on mobile devices are not displayed correctly. To prevent this, responsive design comes into play. With the help of responsive design , you ensure that your e-mails are displayed correctly on both desktop and mobile devices..

It’s really important that you optimize your newsletters for smartphones and tablets, as incorrect presentations often look unprofessional. Also make sure that you don’t place links too close together. The customer can quickly make a typo on a small display. So this is one of many important email marketing tips to keep in mind.

13. Put together the right email contact list

Before you can start sending out your newsletter, this is one of the basic email marketing tips to keep in mind. Because you need a real e-mail distribution list first. To ensure that your e-mails do not end up in the spam folder, you should obtain the consent of potential subscribers before sending the newsletter. To do this, use double opt-in forms on websites, blogs or social networks. With this form, the customer receives a confirmation email to the specified email address. Only when the customer confirms by clicking on the link provided that he really wants to receive the newsletter will it be added to the newsletter distribution list.

14. Use certified newsletter senders

This is a point that should not be left out of our email marketing tips: certified newsletter senders bypass a check by the spam filter. In this way, the providers ensure that the electronic message actually reaches the customer and does not get lost in the e-mail inbox. When choosing your newsletter sender, however, make sure that they have been certified by the Certified Senders Alliance , or CSA for short .

15. Call to action in the newsletter

In the newsletter you should ask your subscriber to take further steps. Offer them a book, an e-book, or an upcoming seminar. Use the call-to-action to directly address your subscribers again and possibly persuade them to make a purchase. The call-to-action button should not be lost in the newsletter and should be at the beginning or end. The targeted placement of the call-to-action motivates the customer to comply with the respective call to action.

The call-to-action should be as eye-catching and appealing as possible. Use an image or words that emphasize the urgency of the call to action, such as “download now.” However, with this aspect of email marketing tips, you should focus on a single call-to-action, otherwise the offer will quickly appear overloaded and the 90/10 rule in relation to your own company advertising will no longer be observed can be. email address list

16. Opt-out Opportunity

Although it is unpleasant for every entrepreneur when subscribers unsubscribe from the newsletter, nobody can be forced to receive a newsletter and remain on the newsletter distribution list. In addition, a subscriber who does not see any added value in your newsletter is of no use to you. The newsletter will probably end up directly in the trash. So it is of no use to you or the customer if they remain in the distribution list. This is also only recommended for legal reasons, because every recipient must be given the opportunity to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

17. Test the newsletter

In order to get off to a really successful start with the email marketing tips, the motto is: test, test, test. To avoid too many subscribers unsubscribing from your newsletter, you should analyze your newsletters regularly. What is the opening and click rate of your email, has there been an increase or decrease in relation to the last newsletter? If the open rate seems too low for you, maybe try choosing a more descriptive and creative subject line next time. If your click-through rate keeps dropping, you should review your content and your offer. It is important that the content and subject line match. Choosing a flashy subject line just to get high open rates, but the content doesn’t reflect what the email address list is about is not effective. Conclusion is:

Especially before you send a newsletter to your subscribers, there is a lot to test and correct. Not only do you have to figure out the perfect time to send your emails. Before doing this, you should first check your newsletter for errors. This includes spelling and grammatical errors, but also display errors. Don’t forget to test your newsletters on smartphones and tablets too. There is nothing more annoying than sending out the newsletter to everyone and realizing afterwards that there were still a lot of errors in the mail.

18. Use a suitable newsletter tool

In order for you to be able to apply all email marketing tips with ease, using a professional newsletter tool is essential. This allows you to automate all processes quickly and efficiently. It not only helps you not to end up in your customers’ spam filters, but also provides you with valuable data to evaluate and optimize your campaigns. There are now a variety of marketing tools that enable you to work professionally. Some of the tools are free or at least have a free trial version, which you should definitely use before you decide on a tool.

19. Remember the “alt text”

The so-called “alt text” is not only important for websites, but should not be left out in email marketing either. That’s why it can’t be missing from our email marketing tips. Because it describes an image precisely. Every image on a web page should have alt text, unless it is purely decorative. Unfortunately, the “alt text” in images is not always of great importance, although it is an important parameter in on-page optimization in the field of SEO. This also creates barrier-free websites, since blind users can have the image description read out to them using a “screen reader”.

It can also happen in mailings that important images are not displayed. Reasons for this can be that the e-mail client is blocking the images or there were problems with the e-mail transmission. Users see this instead of the blank space where an image should be and know where to click. For that reason, this is a key point in these email marketing tips for you!

Conclusion: newsletter marketing is worth it!

Email marketing still plays an extremely important role today. Despite the growing popularity of social networks, the number of emails sent and received is constantly increasing. Studies have also shown that the majority of consumers prefer communicating with businesses over email. For this reason, you should never forego successful email marketing in favor of new social media marketing. However, billions of e-mails around the world end up in the trash unread.

Our 19 email marketing tips for successful email marketing will help you to ensure that your newsletter doesn’t end up in the trash right away. This is how your newsletter performs, even if you are still at the very beginning ! Your main criterion here should be the wording of your subject line, because, as I said, it ultimately decides whether your customers open the email or not. With the right subject line, content that offers added value and the correct presentation of your content, nothing stands in the way of your perfect newsletter. Take the time to design a flawless newsletter, as this will allow you to increase the open and click-through rates of your emails enormously.

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