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Top Selling Targeted Email Lists

We have more than 2 Billion active email addresses list from the US and worldwide. Here are few top selling email lists USA and Other Countries.

consumer email list usa

USA Consumers Email List

$47 Onward
business email lists usa

USA Business Email List

$47 Onward
worldwide email list

Worldwide Email Lists

$29 Onward


Customers testimonials

Customer Email List

I had never tried email marketing before. I gave it a try. I bought emails from this company and promoted my auto-parts business worldwide. Now, I am getting plenty of orders every day from around the world.

Mark Williams

Manufacturer of auto-parts from Chicago

Consumer email list

I bought email list for my online gift shop promotion. After sending out cold emails, my website visitors skyrocketed and products sell like hot cakes. My Sales and income increased more than 700%.

Pamela Robert

Small Business Owner from Los Angeles

Happy Clients
sales email list usa

10 Reasons to Purchase Email List

Reach Millions of Prospects

Quick exposure of your business

Increase Website Visitors

Get New Leads

Increase Sales and Income

Get Customers from US and Worldwide

Great Customer Relationship

Repeated Customers

Regular Life Long Profit

Happy business and good ROI

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USA Email Lists – Worldwide Email Lists

Difference between Email marketing and others

Email marketing is a proven method of getting new customers and leads. As per the research report of American marketing association, every dollar invested in email address list gives $42 return. This is awesome. You cannot get such huge return on your investment from any other marketing methods these days.

Social Media Marketing or Email List?

It gives very slow results and most people in social media are youths and kids they cannot contribute to your business much.  Big companies like facebook or twitter charge lot of fees for the click you get from your advertisements. Many small businesses cannot afford this.

Search Engine Optimization or Email Address List?

SEO is almost dead these day after Google’s algorithm changes and strict policies of reputation of the business. Google killed almost 1 Billion small businesses around the world that were getting traffic from search. Google now pays attention only to old, established businesses and index their websites in first 5 pages. 90% of the traffic goes only to first 3 to 5 results in search index. No once goes beyond page 5 to find what they look for.  Therefore many small businesses and start-ups struggle lot to rank on Google. People invest lot money in SEO and finally stop the process with frustration. Many people stop this after 2 or 3 years of hard work, precious time, investment and understand that it not possible to get the piece of pie from Google search. They lose huge money in seo.

Media buying, Banners and Pay per Click Ads Or Email Data List?

If you are one among those who do these marketing methods, I can guarantee you have lost lot of cash on this and burnt your finger. These kind of marketing is possible for only huge corporations that have heavy budget for their advertisements on internet. Small businesses and individual sole business owners cannot afford that much in PPC or other media ads.

Business directories and Classified ads or Email ID List?

This is a slow and dead way to get exposure your business. There are millions of business listed in directories and classified sites and yellow pages. This method give almost no result.

YouTube and Vimeo or Email Marketing Lists?

Creating videos professionally and uploading and ranking videos on YouTube and Google is not possible for everyone. Also you need lot of time and investment for creating high converting videos. You need to hire a video creation company or freelancer to make this possible. It takes more than 2 years to establish a channel in YouTube and get some visitors for your business or website.

USA Consumers email list

The world is changing fast. Covid-19 has locked people inside houses.  Online shopping has increase 900% in the USA and worldwide. Reaching consumers through email marketing list is the quickest and cheapest way. USA consumers are buying things mostly from big online websites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, Barnes and noble, bestbuy, target or home depot. If you are a small business owner or start-up company you can target millions of consumers in the US through our email list of consumers USA. We also have separate online buyers email list. All our email lists are very cheap and affordable for every small business owner or affiliate marketing who works for commissions. If you are not using email lists for marketing, you will be leaving lot of money on the table.

USA Business Emails List

Getting B2B clients is an art. It is not possible to get b2b clients easily through advertisements on internet or television. Why do you waste your money and time on those unsuccessful marketing strategies? You can buy Business email lists from us and target businesses in the US. You can quickly reach and get exposure of your business through our USA companies email list. Most businesses prefer getting information through emails rather than direct calling or door step marketing. We guarantee you that you will get plenty of clients and huge business profit if you purchase email lists from us and cold email to other businesses and companies in the US.

USA business emails list by industry

If you are looking for laser targeted email lists for your business, we have solution for you. Our US business email lists can be bought by industry. Industry specific email lists can help you reach exact customer you want. We have all kinds of businesses, companies, organization and firms. From hospitality to hospitals and doctors, from electronics to auto-parts, from churches to schools, colleges whatever you want, we have the email addresses list ready for you. These speciality email lists can help grow your business very fast.

Worldwide Email Lists by County

Are you the one who have an online business that needs customers from every country or a particular country away from your own? No more worries. We have more than 2 billion international email list from many countries. Our best email list countries are USA, Canada, UK, Germany, China, India, Russia, Australia and many European countries, Asian countries, South American countries, African countries, Middle east and oceanic. Buy email list from 190 countries worldwide. Choose the country and get your email data list delivered quickly. Worried about price? Our price is the best and affordable to every business. Our email address lists price start from $29 and ends at $99 mostly.

Email list by Zip Code

There are some businesses that have very narrow target. They cannot sell their products to either entire country or state. They may need to target only particular zip code in the US. For such small business or local service websites we US email list by Zip code. Find out your zip code from numerous zip codes from various states of the USA.  You can buy email lists by zip code. Zip code email lists are ideal for local business owners in the small town or village.

Email List by State

US state wise email address list are useful for targeting your customers and businesses in your state. We have all states covered in the US. You can easily buy US email list by state from all 51 states.  You are Alaska or Hawaii, you are in California or Florida, you are in Idaho or Illinois wherever you are we have got you covered. Buy any state US consumer email leads, US companies email leads, US business email leads, all at an unbelievable price. High quality email data lists can be purchased quickly from our company.

Email Address List Format

All our USA email address lists come in Microsoft excel format (either csv or xlsx) this format is easy for organizing the email data list. Most office computers have Microsoft office or MS office by default. Moreover, if you are using any third party email sending software or service, it is very easy to import email lists into their system. Big companies like Aweber, getresponse support excel format import. Some world countries email list come in .txt format too, that is easy to import in SMTP and vps bulk marketing software.

Email ID List Price

Have you ever search Google for email ID list? Have you ever search yahoo for email data list? Have you ever search on any other search engines for such email leads list? If you have done so, you would know how costly the email addresses lists are. Many companies are greedy, they know the demand, and they price their list from $500 to $5000. Is it possible for an individual marketer or small business to buy such lists? Impossible. That is why we have kept our email marketing lists price as low as possible. Our low cost email lists are priced in between $29 to $99 maximum for 5 million to 100 million records. This is really awesome and unbelievable (as of our customers review).

Emailing Lists quality

Our email leads are high quality list, very accurate and fresh. These emails have been collected by our market research partners and constantly cleaned in regular interval by our hard working team members to ensure high accuracy maximum deliverability. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy our high quality and low cost email list.

How to get maximum results from USA e-mail lists and worldwide e-mail list?

Segment you list:

After buying any e-mail list, you can segment the e-mail lists as per your needs, marketing plan or product or service promotion. As most of e-mailing lists come in MS excel format it is very easy to segment the list and keep aside for your marketing. 

Plan your marketing:

You have got the e-mail list USA or e-mail lists worldwide. Now, you have to plan how you are going to market the products or services or business you own. What products you are going to market, to which category, to which state or city or which gender you are targeting. Write down your plan clearly in piece of paper or note pad. Accordingly you have to go ahead in executing the plans.

Decide the method of sending out emails:

There are many ways to send out emails. If you are targeting a small group of people or companies, you can use reputed email marketing companies that charge huge fee. If you want to send emails in bulk, you may need to rent or buy and SMTP or VPS. If the quantity is around 5000 to 10,000 emails a day, you may rent SMTP services, if you want to send out millions of emails in a month, then you need rent a VPS or direct sending software that bye-pass your IP and use proxy of sending. Renting a VPS in USA companies like Hostgator will allow you to send out huge unlimited e-mails every day. You may need to pay $50 for a month to that hosting company.

Important point: never use your company website domain to send out e-mails, it may spoil your reputation and it may be marked as spam or your hosting company may suspend your account for spamming. Always buy a secondary domain name and send out email list with that. For example: if you have an e-mail admin@ your domain .com do not use it, instead buy a new domain and create an email offers@ your domain .net .biz etc. and use them to send out offer emails.

Tell them who you are:

In your first few e-mail messages, introduce yourself politely. Most people do not prefer a stranger or someone who wants to hard sell products. It obvious that no is going to buy from you until they know who you are and what you have got for them. If you have got really good stuff, your products will sell like hot cakes through cold emailing.

Decide the frequency:

Sending out bulk emails and ending up in spam folder is not anyone wants. Decide the frequency to one relay per week or a fortnight. Initially people will not respond as your emails are new to them. Introduce yourself and your company and products in an ethical manner and develop relationship with your prospects, ask them to add your e-mail in whitelist.

Write a good sales copy/ email copy

Your emails should be interesting, eye catchy and provide some value to the recipients. Hire someone to write high converting sales copy. A boring email content may be set-off for your customers. They may simply ignore your message or mark you as spam or unwanted. Write something very interesting and useful to them. Give them some free stuff initially to add them in your subscriber list. There are many freelancers available in companies like fiverr or freelance or upwork. Hire them to write some good email copy.

Use images and videos in your messages:

A long content is not read by everyone, people are interested in watching videos and gif images these days. Create a small video or gif image and include them in your emails. People will click on videos quickly rather than reading long written contents.

Add social media share buttons in emails

Adding social share button will boost your sales and income quickly. If you are sending out really great emails with great content, people will share it with their friends and family on social networks. This is really going to skyrocket your income. Add a simple html code in your e mail with social share icons and see your sales grow fast.

Give them many payment option:

If you are using standard payment option like amazon pay or PayPal or Applepay, not everyone is going to buy from you. People in different countries are familiar with different payment gateways. It is not possible to give every payment option to them, but, you may try to give various options like credit, debit cards, PayPal, amazon pay, Google pay, bitcoin, crypto currencies, neteller, webmoney, sofort, ideal, payeer, advcash or skrill. This will help you get clients from every country. You may also take direct bank transfers and western union.