Top 5 Tips for Email Marketing to Your Email Address List in 2022

Email marketing is still a very powerful communication channel to connect with customers. In fact, according to HubSpot statistics, 99% of users check their email daily and of that percentage, 55% do so from their mobile device. But do you know what the email marketing trends are for 2022?

Don’t worry! In the next lines we will tell you about these trends so that you can implement them in your campaigns and offer your clients content that is adapted to their pains, goals and aspirations.

Let them understand that the product and/or service you market will help them in their lives.

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Why talk about email marketing?

This is marketing geared towards sending emails so that brands can communicate with their audiences. Among its greatest benefits is the fact that it does not require large investments and can be applied to B2B and B2C companies.

In addition, it offers the opportunity to nurture customers with valuable content so that they are informed about the latest developments in our business.

What is not email marketing?

The spam.
Non-personalized emails.
Sending emails without any clear objective.

email marketing trends

5 mailing trends for 2022 to Your email address list

1.Greater customization

One of the main trends that continues to gain strength in email has to do with personalization and audience segmentation. For this reason, it is important that you have an email marketing provider or software that gives you all the data and behavior of each of the clients, so that in this way you can increase the Open Rate .

Among some of the options in which you can segment and personalize your mailing list are:

Stage according to the buyer journey.

2. The power of storytelling

Today, well-told stories are the ones that connect the most with the audience. Apply this technique so that users can identify with the content you are sending them. Provide educational information that will clarify doubts and lead them to conclude the purchase process.

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3.Simple yet dynamic templates

Another of the great email marketing trends for 2022 will be simplicity in its formats; so don’t stress about big designs and super buttons. Remember: less is more!

On the other hand, dynamism will also be essential to capture the attention of users. Those contents that have GIFs, videos, contests or even games will be a good option for users to feel part of the campaign.

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4. Emails from the mobile device

As I indicated above, a large percentage of users open their emails from their cell phones. For this year the trend is expected to increase, so your campaigns must be available for any device. Here it is necessary to pay attention to the number of characters of the CTAs (call to actions), the size of the images and the amount of content. You don’t want leads scrolling down for minutes, getting bored and not getting to the call to action!

5. Goodbye formality!

Previously, the content of the emails had a very formal communication tone, but the new rule indicates that this will be different in 2022! Having a more informal tone will attract much more, since millennials will be the great consumers of newsletters. Use a close language that allows you to generate trust.
What steps to implement to have a successful email marketing, taking into account these trends?

Define your target audience

The user is everything! Start with the definition of your buyer persona and create the email marketing strategy that best suits their needs.

Select the type of campaign

Choose well what type of campaign you will use, this can be: promotional, newsletter, loyalty or transactional.

Choose the shipping frequency

Once you have defined the previous two steps, establish how often you will send your emails to your email contact list. Remember that you can’t be invasive, but you can’t let them forget you either. You have to find a middle ground!

measure the data

To improve the actions of your campaign it is important that you analyze all the metrics. If necessary, you will be able to execute all the changes that will lead you to the results you are looking for. When you see improvement opportunities, activate them! A change in the wording of a CTA, in an image, in the subject text or in the order of the texts will make a difference!

As you may have noticed, mailing campaigns will continue to set the standard as one of the main channels between company and client. Under this scenario, implementing these email marketing trends for this 2022 will be essential for the growth of your business.

And if you manage to give customers what they are looking for through this information channel, the opening rate will increase and users will be happy to receive an email with your brand news.

If you still have doubts about how to put these trends into practice, at Impulse we can give you advice to promote your email marketing strategies. What are you waiting for? Cheer up right now!

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