Option1: Credit Cards (skrill) (it may take 2 to 5 days normally)

Contact us to get the payment link, we will send the link for payment by your credit card through SKRILL (you may be asked to open a skrill account) Better you open an account and deposit funds then contact us for faster product delivery (24 hours)

If you have a skrill account already, contact us to get our email ID for SKRILL payment. (You will get the product delivered in 24 hours or less, if you have skrill account already)

Option 2: Perfect Money (Instant delivery after payment confirmation)

USD account: U41857019

Make payment to the above USD ac number and contact us with batch number or screen shot, we will send the list within 2 to 48 hours. For instant delivery chat with our online chat agents on the website

Option 3: Bitcoin (Instant delivery after payment confirmation)

Note: Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments can be made via cart “check out” on the website directly too. You will get instant delivery after the payment is confirmed (10 minutes to 1 hour)

Or Make payment to one of the following wallets and contact us, we will send the list within 2 to 48 hours. For instant delivery chat with our online chat agents on the website

Bitcoin(BTC) wallet address:


Option 4: Payeer (USD, EUR, GBP) (Instant delivery after payment confirmation)

Join and then upload USD or EURO through credit/debit card and then send to account NO. P1016305712

After making payment contact us with your transaction details and list you paid for, we will send the list by 2 to 48 hours.

Option 5: other cryptocurrencies (Instant delivery after payment confirmation)

If you don’t see your favorite crypto below, Contact us to get the wallet address of any cryptocurrency you want to pay.

Tether USD (USDT):

USDT on Ethereum Network ERC20 address:


USDT on TRON TRX Network address:


USDT on BNB smart chain address:


USDT Solana network:


Ethereum (ETH): 0x12a44d3ff573E4aB8213e8eb8119bdD810619AF8

Ripple (XRP): rNck7zmvbraZZ2ioPe7j1ntA8nA8Bsfe7P

Binance (BNB): bnb1qaz0uwhm7a8k752nu8hxq0c5feaq6snsflhu6d

Binance (BSC): 0x12a44d3ff573E4aB8213e8eb8119bdD810619AF8

Binance USD (BUSD) on ETH: 0x12a44d3ff573E4aB8213e8eb8119bdD810619AF8

USD coin USDC:

USDC on Eth: 0x12a44d3ff573E4aB8213e8eb8119bdD810619AF8

USDC on BNB: 0x12a44d3ff573E4aB8213e8eb8119bdD810619AF8

USDC on solana: F7Z1R9SBssY7g5quqHkzN6X3jaAnVy4sBHoxx9z1vUAP

Litcoin (LTC): LZHkwRzpKjgfiPKPRQEUzz2QmH8PuQAGWk

Palkadot (DOT): 12hrbfoUHJCtwGJJCTUXfUNEgAHizEjv9QUTbF2Uari3LAo7

Doge coin: DPXiT95uMQeUGZDULJLNAqdhNBbAxiyEJh

SHIBA INU (ETH network): 0x12a44d3ff573E4aB8213e8eb8119bdD810619AF8

Uniswap (UNI): 0x12a44d3ff573E4aB8213e8eb8119bdD810619AF8

ChainLink (LINK): 0x12a44d3ff573E4aB8213e8eb8119bdD810619AF8


Cardano (ADA):


Polygon Matic Network (MATIC): 0x12a44d3ff573E4aB8213e8eb8119bdD810619AF8

Solana (SOL): F7Z1R9SBssY7g5quqHkzN6X3jaAnVy4sBHoxx9z1vUAP

Tron (TRX): TTwWM6w4eLYXuXNfs2cbGp6NTgBhbBq4Ny

VeChain (VET): 0xb297A21D7bb2aA7d09Da67C5aC0c91927EBD0d83

Aave: 0x12a44d3ff573E4aB8213e8eb8119bdD810619AF8

Cosmos (ATOM): cosmos1ztug69rdjjaky8c0sv2n8kctsdqqcl9uhwyhp8



Avalanche AVAX: 0x12a44d3ff573E4aB8213e8eb8119bdD810619AF8

Ethereum Classic ETC: 0x65a126b5eb139C8719C4CBfa0c4Cbd5b36B7B14F

NEAR: 0x12a44d3ff573E4aB8213e8eb8119bdD810619AF8

SAND (sandbox) : 0x12a44d3ff573E4aB8213e8eb8119bdD810619AF8

MANA (decentraland): 0x12a44d3ff573E4aB8213e8eb8119bdD810619AF8

ENJ (Enjin coin): 0x12a44d3ff573E4aB8213e8eb8119bdD810619AF8

GALA (Gala games): 0x12a44d3ff573E4aB8213e8eb8119bdD810619AF8

For other coins/cryptocurrencies/tokens of your choice contact us to get the wallet address