Option 1: PayPal, Credit cards, Debit cards, Bank transfer and wallets

We accept USD through AirTM digital wallet that can be uploaded with your debit, credit cards, PayPal or bank transfer from any country in 30 seconds or less. Once you created the account and uploaded the money, please send payment to the following user name and get your list within 2 to 24 hours. (please contact us through email for faster delivery of the data)

User Name: digitaldownloads

Send payment to above user name.

Click to sign up for FREE AirTM account

Option 2: bitcoin

You can buy with bitcoin, send money to this BTC address/wallet and write to us, we will send the list after the status of your payment is “confirmed” in our wallet. (it may take 2 to 24 hours)

Wallet address: 35g18iEjpu9mNy5FcL8QX4BHLMUZh1saWT

Don’t have bitcoin, you can buy bitcoin with your credit/debit cards here:

Option 3: Perfect Money

Account ID: U17553525

After making payment, contact us with the batch number and your email for delivery, get your list within 2 to 24 hours

Don’t have perfectmoney account?, you can buy PM with your credit/debit cards. Join perfectmoney here

Note: after making payment by any of the methods above, please write to us at emaillisthelp(at) replace (at) with @