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USA consumers Email List

What is US consumers email list?

This is a collection of certain important information about the consumers who buy things either from stores or online. This information can be used for ethical promotion of products and services to the consumers of the USA. Most big companies use this to send offer emails, discount coupons, selling their products or services. Even small business owners or individual entrepreneurs use this info to grow their business and increase sales. Getting new leads and customers are very easy for those using these kind of USA consumers email address list.

What does it include or contain?

Consumer email lists include important contact information of the US consumers. This includes the name of the consumer, email address, postal address, zip, state, phone number, gender and buying trends. US consumers email list is widely used by businesses and individuals to contact the consumers through email and promote their products, services, websites or businesses.

Why Email List of US Consumers?

Most people prefer e-mails rather than direct calling. People do not talk to telephone calling executives who want to sell something. Because they do not have enough time to listen every company’s promotion. But, consumers can read emails in their spare time or on the go with their android phones. Email marketing is a proven method to reach millions of consumers in the US and worldwide.

How companies use this?

Companies and businesses in the US or other country that want to reach USA consumers use this list of US consumers to send out emails weekly or fortnightly introducing their products and services. They send discount coupons, free downloading, black Friday, New Year, Christmas, weekend sale notifications.

How online store owners use this email list?

Online store owners use USA consumer email lists to send out emails about their new products and existing products. Their website gets more visitors, sales and income quickly with email lists.

How small businesses use this USA Consumer email list?

Big companies take more share of sales. Small businesses struggle to get new customers and they are under hectic pressure to sell their products to survive. In such case, small businesses can get plenty of sales and income through email marketing. They can reach USA consumers quickly through emails and convert them to customers of their business. Their business gets good exposure. This is the most economical way to reach people. Other marketing methods like TV ads, New Paper ads or Internet Google or facebook ads are costly and cannot afford by small business owners.  The most economical way to promote their business is to buy US consumers Email List and start cold mailing.

All states US consumer email lists

Our lists contain all 51 states. Wherever you are, you can use this email list to promote your business. We have more than 500 Million Fresh USA consumers email address list. If you want to target any particular state or the entire US, you can use this USA consumers email address list.

The price of the list

Most companies in the US sell consumer email list in huge price. They sell it for $500 to $5000. But, we provide the same list for $47 to $150. We want to help more and more small businesses grow fast and earn good income. Most of clients are repeated clients who want to buy other email lists too. They are our regular buyers. Why don’t you try our US consumer email leads now?