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425 Million Consumers emails (425,000,000)

20 Million USA Business/company emails (20,000,000)

1.3 Million Home Owners USA (1,300,000)

20 Million USA Biz Direct mailing/postal list (20,000,000)

10 Million US Online Buyers/Shoppers (10,000,000)

1 Million Yellow pages data USA (1,000,000)

1000 (1 Billion) Million Emails Mixed (1,000,000,000)

2 Million Emails Australia (consumer and business) (2,000,000)

11K Argentina

55,000 Bangladesh

1 Million Brazil (1,000,000)

500,000 Canada Business

10 Million Canada (10,000,000)

1 Million Chili (1,000,000)

6 Million China (6,000,000)

1 Million France emails consumer and business (1,000,000)

1 Million Germany emails consumer and business (1,000,000)

4 Million  Emails India (4,000,000)

250,000 Emails Indonesia

1 Million Emails Italy (1,000,000)

1 Million Emails Japan (1,000,000)

500,000 Korean Emails

300,000 Emails Malaysia

1.8 Million Emails Mexico (1,800,000)

1 Million Netherlands (1,000,000)

700,000 Emails Norway

500,000 Emails Philippines

1.5 Million Emails Russia (1,500,000)

400,000 Emails Singapore

500,000 Emails Sweden

500,000 Emails Switzerland

250,000 Thailand Emails

3 Million Emails UAE (3,000,000)

1 Million Emails UK (1,000,000)

172,000 Emails B2B UK

1 Million Emails Consumers UK

160 Countries 250 Million

China Emails 50 Million

150 Million others

The ultimate email list for all online marketers, small businesses, affiliate marketers, 

online store owners and everyone who needs huge traffic and sale

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Learn How and Where to Sell Email Lists for huge profit?

How to make $10000 a month online reselling email list for marketing?

Making money online is very hard these days due to heavy competition and skills requirement. However there are some secret ways to make huge money online that only smart people know. Email list selling business or Reselling email lists can be very lucrative and you can make $10K a month online or even $50,000 a month online working from home. I have written this post to educate you on how to make huge money and have explained all steps involved in this process step by step. It is easy, quick and even a newbie or lay man can do this online business and make plenty of money online from home.

If you are serious about making huge money quickly and easily, do not miss a word below and read everything. (If you want to pass time and be poor all your life, you can skip any content, it is up to you)

This is a wonderful business and email lists for marketing is in huge demand these days. Online business owners, online marketers, YouTubers, Blog owners, Online stores owners, affiliate marketers, small business owners and everyone who need website traffic, leads and sales are looking to buy email list from email list vendors.

But, there is no competition in this particular niche, as collecting emails and verifying and organizing various consumer email lists and business email lists is really very hard, time consuming and need thousands of dollars investment and plenty of team work and hiring experts for this task. Therefore, an ordinary small business owner online or an online money maker cannot do this business.

A golden opportunity to make 10000 dollars per month online

But, we have made it simple for you. A done for you Reseller email list package with over 2 billion emails from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, European countries, Africa countries, Asian countries and Middle Eastern countries are available for mere $999 on our website, the real worth of these email lists is more than $20,000 to $100,000. This includes many email lists, countries and categories to make you earn huge profit. You can see above to know what you get in the reseller package. You save lot of time, effort and money. You can simple buy this reseller package and sell as your own and earn huge profit every single day and earn up to $10000 to $50000 every single month.

Each email list can be sold from $50 to $500 depends on the demand of each list. You can get over 2 billion emails well packed and categorized and compressed in zip folders and MS excel sheets. You can re pack as per wish or sell as it is and earn plenty on money every day and reach up to $50000 every month. If you want to see how much the email lists are sold, you can search Google and see. Most companies sell the lists for $250 to $2000. But we sell our lists starting from $50 to $99 and get more sales as they are affordable to small businesses and online marketers.

You can visit these pages US consumers email list, US business email list, Email list by Industry, Email list by country… on our website and see how much we have priced the lists.

Can you imagine any business that you can start with $999 and earn $10000 to $50,000 a month? It is impossible with any other online business. If you make $10000 a month, you can earn $120,000 a year in spare time. Moreover you can automate this business and make money while sleeping. As these are digitally downloadable products, you can set it on autopilot mode and you can sell it to as many clients as possible and earn huge profit.

Where to sell email lists?

Reselling these email lists are easy and one can make easy money every day selling these data. We have listed few websites below for you where you can start selling quickly without much effort.

Sell on Facebook

Facebooks is a good place to start your own store or network with other people to sell email lists and make regular passive income. As all of you know well facebook is one of the place where people is active all the time. Even a newbie can sell anything on facebook

Sell on LinkedIn

Linkedin is the best network for business people, job seekers and companies. This network can bring huge results if you work properly or hire someone to use linkedin and sell the email lists. You will make plenty of money from this network.

Sell on Gumroad

Gumroad is a place where you can sell any digital download, and it has huge reputation and google loves to index their product in search. If you buy our reseller list and start selling on gumroad, you can see amazing results and huge money. You can start selling on Gumroad if you had a PayPal account and get paid weekly or monthly account to your sale volume.

Sell on ejunkie

This is another website where you can sell downloadable products like ebooks, software, music or email lists too. Ejunkie is a very good downloadable product market place with various payment option like PayPal, stripe, skrill, sofort, adyen, worldpay, payza and 100 more payment option from many countries. This makes you sell easily on this website and collect payments instantly to your bank account.

Sell on forum like warrior forum or other digital marketing forums

Many people use forums to discuss and learn about digital marketing and traffic, you can use forums to sell the email lists and earn lot of money every day.

Sell on fiverr

Fiverr is a freelance market places where sellers and buyers meet together. You can sell anything online on fiverr. Use this site to sell our email lists and earn good money. Fiverr has millions of visitors and buyers for small task, gig or micro work. You can sell email lists on fiverr easily and earn a living online.


Sell on freelancing sites like upwork or freelancer

Similar to fiverr, upwork also a freelancers market network and you can use them. Sell on your own blog

You can even start your own blog and sell the lists. You can create a free blog like blogger or paid one on wordpress or joomla. Blogs get good traffic and you can find many customers.

Sell on Amazon

Amazon is a well know site all over the world and you can use amazon to resell our email lists and earn lot of money every day. As Amazon has several million buyers it is easy to make money quickly on amazon. You do not even need to invest in advertisement of bringing traffic to your products (email lists). Amazon brings thousands of visitors to your product every day. People search and find your email list on amazon easily. As this is a reliable website, you can get many customers every day and make huge profit.

Sell on eBay

Next Amazon, eBay is a very good online market place, a platform where you can sell email database and earn quickly. List many email lists from our reseller package and start earning on eBay. Ebay will pay you directly to your bank account or PayPal.

Sell on classified sites like yelp, locanto, craigslist etc.

These are all famous classified website that have presence all over the world and you can bring lot of sales by using them to sell the reseller email lists. Every country has many classified sites and business listing websites. You can use them to list your products and get local customers as well as customers from world wide.

Create your own website and sell them

This way will be more professional and you will earn the trust of people. You can sell for any price if you own your website and list all the products (email lists) and promote it. Though this method needs little effort and investment, this will give professional look to your business and you can get more buyers to buy your products.


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