Worldwide 50 Million Email marketing Data

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Worldwide 50 Million Email marketing Data

Counts: 50,000,000 Emails Data

Included Countries: USA Consumers, Germany consumers and businesses, Australia consumers and businesses, Canada consumer and businesses, India consumer and businesses, UK business and consumers, France business and consumers, Italy, Russia, Argentina, China, Chili, Sweden Switzerland, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Malaysia and UAE ( and many more bonus included)

Format: MS excel CSV in zip folder

Fields: Email address, First and last name , company name, contact person, full postal address, city, state, zip, phone numbers.

The ultimate list for online marketers, affiliates, small businesses, online stores or anyone who want to do email marketing to get leads, sales and profit in their business.

(we strongly recommend our 2 Billion emails ”RESELLER LIST‘ If you want to send large amount of emails)




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